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Nitrous F.A.Q's

Can I fit it myself ?

Akamoto Nitrous Systems could not be made any easier to fit to a car. However some knowledge of your engine is required in order to fit the nitrous oxide system such as the location of your fuel pipes, air intake system and throttle mechanism. If you are unsure of such areas we recommend a trained mechanic should help you fit the system or even do it for you. For total peace of mind contact one of the fitters from our fitting list.

Is using Nitrous Oxide Safe ?

Nitrous Oxide is not flammable but it is stored at high pressures. Providing you have the Nitrous System installed correctly or by one of our fitters then there will be no problem or danger whatsoever for you or your engine.

Is nitrous Oxide Poisonous ?

Nitrous oxide is not poisonous at all as it is mainly used throughout the medical industry by professionals such as dentists and doctors who feed it to their patients to kill pain and also put them to sleep prior to surgery. This is also why nitrous oxide is referred to as “Laughing Gas”, as it is a sedation drug that causes giggling when inhaled. Please note, we do not recommend anybody using nitrous oxide for any other purpose than automotive use as the gas we supply is non-medical grade and not supplied in a sterilized bottle.

Is Nitrous Oxide Legal ?

Having a nitrous oxide system installed in your car is not illegal. Akamoto provide these kits to our customers for the use of off road events and shows that are hosted on private land. However Injecting nitrous oxide into your engine in whilst driving on a public road can not really be commented on as we can not find any law against this but at the same time we cant find one that permits it. So we recommend keeping the bottle turned off until you’re in a suitable surrounding to inject nitrous oxide, e.g. drag strip.

Will it destroy my engine ?

Nitrous Oxide will not destroy your engine provided it has been fitted carefully and it is used correctly. People always sound astonished when you say “Im using nitrous”. They all assume your engine bonnet is going to pop off and your engine explode. This is because Nitrous was originally used for automotive use by drag racers, Drag racers did not have a safe system such as ours and tended to use unsafe engine methods such as literally turning on the bottle to a direct pipe into the engine intake and in huge amounts creating additional gains of up to 1000Bhp. Although this obviously worked but it did incredible damage to the engine components such as clutch and piston rings where exposed to extreme heats can crack or even shatter. Using small amounts of nitrous oxide in small bursts will do the engine no harm providing it is only injected when the acceleration is at its maximum as this is when your engine is under least pressure. Injecting nitrous oxide into your system when the engine is at a lower throttle can create more pressure than the engine is capable of. This is why the micro switch is always used at set only to activate when the throttle is in the “wide open” position.

Where can I get my nitrous oxide bottle refilled ?

Nitrous Oxide is supplied up and down the country by various outlets, we can refill your nitrous bottles when they are empty or alternatively you can find a distributor closer to yourself. Some places do not like to sell Nitrous Oxide for automotive others don’t mind. Providing you let them know that it is for off road use only then there should be no problem.

Does the bottle last long ?

This is a hard question to answer as a bottle can last anything from one day to 3 months depending on how frequently you use it, in what amounts and also by the size of the jets you have fitted to the system. Most people when they first have a nitrous system installed tend to use the bottle quite fast but after a few weeks people do tend to calm down and keep their greedy fingers off the activation button.

I have fitted the system and want more power

When you have fitted the system and made sure that it is working correctly and responding as it should then you can increase the size of your output jets to gain bigger gains of Horsepower These are all available from Akamoto Nitrous systems and are not expensive at all. However the amount of power you add to your car is up to you and to your discretion. We would not recommend anybody exceeding 75Bhp if they are unsure of the build of their engine and other components such as their clutch and gear box as adding 100Bhp + can add strain to these parts. If you are unsure ask our technical department for advice.

What is the difference between wet, dry and direct port nitrous systems ?

Wet Nitrous systems

This system fires nitrous oxide into the cars engine along side the additional fuel required to make the power. Akamoto systems supplys a nozzle for wet systems that has 2 inputs. One for nitrous oxide and the other for fuel. Because fuel is being mixed sith the nitrous at the point of injection we call them it a wet nitrous kits.

Dry Nitrous Systems

These systems do not have a fuel solenoid as the additional fuel is supplied by the cars own injectors and there for at the point of injection there is only nitrous oxide, no fuel. This is why we call these systems dry nitrous kits.

Direct Port Nitrous Systems

Direct port nitrous oxide systems use 4 injector nozzles and are screwed into the intake manifold branch of the cars engine. One nozzle per branch.

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